Monthly Archives : October 2016

Super Bowl 2016

Super Bowl 50 was such a landmark sport event for that the brand did away with the usual Roman numerals. The American football annual mashup drew record global viewing audiences and record pregame activity in casinos, blowing the roof off with $132 million total wagered on who would beat who’ in the Denver Broncos Carolina Panthers matchup. The Broncos took…

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Sports Video Slots

For fans for whom the sports season of 256 American football, 1900 rugby football games, 853 football games in prep for the World Cup alone, and 1,230 basketball games not enough, can now experience the games with iconic sports symbols in games of chance. Place Your Bet Spin the Wheel In the sports video slots, players place wagers and spin…

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Around the World: Football, Futbol, Rugby Football

American football doesn’t really live up to the name. Literally “ball kicked with ones’ feet” is what football game is around the world. Governed by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, what we call soccer, is the biggest sport in the world with the highest paid players who are household names. The 2014 World cup attracted a 3.2 billion TV…

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