Around the World: Football, Futbol, Rugby Football

American football doesn’t really live up to the name. Literally “ball kicked with ones’ feet” is what football game is around the world. Governed by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, what we call soccer, is the biggest sport in the world with the highest paid players who are household names. The 2014 World cup attracted a 3.2 billion TV viewers to the sport swamping the American version of that annual final matchup, the Super Bowl. Even though attendance held record numbers, only 111 million tuned in. The World Cup had more viewers than the Super Bowls on internet and mobile access; another 280 million watched online.

Evolution of a Game

In fact, American football is a sport game with origins more in rugby football, with physical struggles and one on one contact needed to get the ball down the field. What sets American football apart is the forward pass to move the ball down the field.

Not to say that American football doesn’t also have a global audience. Two games played in London last fall were total sellouts despite steep ticket prices. Talks of putting a franchise in London ensued and seem to be more than mere speculation. Plans are to play regular season games in Mexico, Germany and Canada; there are even on-again, off-again talks of playing a regular season game in China.

Fans Wanting More than Just Games

Sport games on weekends not enough for many fans as evidence by the action at casinos and online gambling especially leading up to the big annual matchups. The global TV audience has a new friend in the internet because of the online access to legal casinos and gambling on football, whether the forward pass or the kicking the ball with ones’ feet version. If you are interested, visit Zodiac Casino now and play the exciting football slot game.

The internet and cable TV have brought all sports to all countries. Viewers used to see local teams play in a local stadium. Now with global broadcasts kids in Little Rock Arkansas have favorite football teams in Europe and kids in Beijing have favorite American football players. The online casinos flatten the world in the same way, with players accessing the games from wherever and whenever the mood hits.

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