Sports Video Slots

For fans for whom the sports season of 256 American football, 1900 rugby football games, 853 football games in prep for the World Cup alone, and 1,230 basketball games not enough, can now experience the games with iconic sports symbols in games of chance.

Place Your Bet Spin the Wheel

In the sports video slots, players place wagers and spin reels just like in regular slots. But there’s a twist. The symbols on the slots bring the player into a sports game, with symbols setting the action and sounds completing the experience. American football slots are often called touchdown slots to distinguish from the European counterpart. In the Field of Green game, symbols of thegold trophy, the football, football Players, cheerleader and a cold glass of your favorite Beerset the stage. The 5-reel slot, 20-pay line gives lots of variety and ways to win. Players that get to the bonus round get 25 free games, or a chance to make 5 to 100 x their bet.

For the mega audience, Football Star and its sounds of Scorrrrrrre are most compelling. With these games, fans have their own favorites but most choose which gaming company’s offer they prefer for the number of reels and number of story lines that keep people coming back. The quality of graphics are important and the choice of symbols and sounds key, but what makes one popular usually is the way the win scheme works. For Football Star players make their wager and spin the slot. The 243-win scheme includes leveling up for a Free Spin round for 105,000 credits if three or more Scatter come up anywhere in game. Symbols set the stage; there’s a goalkeeper making a save, players heading the ball and the referee calling score.

The newest entrant is Rugby Star, with popularity growing leading up to World Rugby Cup in 2015. With this game, sports enthusiasts can now sit at home or play while waiting in line in a niche game, showing an edgy side. The 243-win scheme increases odds of winning in this video sport. Graphics and sound place you in game, with symbols of a game happening on field like players making high value plays, scoring, and getting the ball out of scrimmage.

Choose Your Game

With video slots, there’s money involved and players want to research companies before handing over cash. There’s an unbelievably long list of options and features. You can find sites that evaluate and rank for you or you can put in some leg work on your own. The top ranking criteria of some sites looks at factors such as is the site legally licensed, does it have audited payout percentages and fast and secure payments, 24/7 customer support, juicy bonus payouts and good comp points. Join Zodiac Casino now for the all the best online video slot games.

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